FM on the Radio


Last week, I sat down with Callie Crossley of WGBH’s Under the Radar for a speculative fiction edition of her book club, featuring FAMOUS MEN WHO NEVER LIVED  with recent releases from Cadwell Turnbull and Max Gladstone. If you didn’t catch it on the radio, you can stream it here.

Listening to public radio was a big part of my childhood, so I felt like kind of a superstar. What’s it actually like?

-The room where they record is tiny, and it smelled like wine because the guy who does a regular food-and-wine segment was in there just before us

-They gave us bottles of water (but no wine)

-I probably should have used the bathroom before we started to record

-Everyone in that tiny room with me was REALLY SMART

-They edit out ums and uhs later to make everyone sound even smarter


I think you can tell from the recording that me and Max and Cadwell were having fun. Listen for yourself!

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