The Writers’ Room of Boston knows how to throw a party

The Writers’ Room of Boston Fellowship named me as Finalist for 2018-2019. At the WROB reading and celebration last month, I got the chance to meet lots of the other Fellows and hear about their exciting projects! (And I ate lots of free cheese! And when I left my notebook and library book at the party, someone brought them down for me. So overall, 10/10.)

I hope to get some work done there in the future.

Check out my bio on their website.


Identity crisis

I got married and changed my name! (Did you know this is a complicated and ridiculous process? Talk to a woman/trans person/woke dude in your life who has been through it!)

I liked the name my parents gave me. I published my first stories as K Brattin. I won a fellowship as her. She will always have a place in my heart.

But I’m excited to be a Chess now, personally and professionally.